Maya in Chios (Part 1)

This is my first post, written in English, so, please forgive me... the next will be again in Greek, except the "Maya in Chios (Part 2)"

The reason of writing this post in English is to be readable by everyone who knows English, to be readable by some specific persons, and to make the start, to make this blog, international.

So tonight, I'll tell you the start of the story, so to be anxious about the rest, and of course for its end.

The story begins in a small but beautiful country, called Slovenia. Its shape is like a "chicken" and the people live in peace in their amassing country. The weather there is not like this in Greece. It is not as sunny as here but it has its own beauty.

There, was a small bee, called "Maya". She has amazing eyes as everyone admits. She had traveled in many places all over the world so she decided to travel in Greece. She didn't have enough time to prepared herself for that long trip, so right now, she is trying to overpass her confusion. She passed a lot of countries at her way to Greece, so she decided to make a stop in Athens for few hours, till to go to her last place, Chios Island.

When she landed, some other bees where there to invite her to live a great experience. To make her staying there, unforgettable. Even from her first minutes there, their friend, tried to do their best to make her feel more than comfortable. They tried to make her feel like home.

They organized for her a barbecue and after that, they went her for a night swim. Furthermore, they played for her some great ballads by the star light. Everything looked fine but she didn't enjoy as much as she had to. Some strange feelings couldn't let her live those great moments as she could. She was scared about the unknown and because everything looked strange than the other places before. She was even scared to speak to the other bees and get known each other. As a result, she didn’t express herself that first night.

The first couple of days, she had great time. She started to travel all over that small island, to make new friends and of course, to have fun. She swim at the most beautiful beaches of that small island, she meat so many different people, she tasted many different foods and she started to learn some new ways of dancing flying, some new moves. From that time, her friends called her “Margarita” (daisy).

They give her that name, not only from her name, but also for the moments that they would come. They saw on her face a daisy that passing her time there, will start to grow, will start to flourish, will start to open her flower and finally, to leave. To leave for her country with so many different pictures, with so many different experiences and with the feeling that she will have some friends there. Other bees that will be her friends forever.

They went to many places, and they were having great fun all the time. She even went to work there, in a library, so to help the local people. She was translating some historical things into her language. The days were passing and she was starting to feel more comfortable, safer to express her and more smiling. She started to make fun with the other bees and she was adopting the “Greek way” of having fun…

Here is the end of the first part...

… in few days, you will have the second one, because the end of the story will be written by that small bee, Maya…


  • gravatar El

    OK man! I will forgive you if you want but...why to FORGET you? I just met you Sir!

    Sooooo....Maya is a grate girl, tomorow i will go to see her and when i will go to Udine i promise to visit her country!

    (Oh yes...i speak very good english finaly!)

    Have a nice trip Yannis!!!

    (To make your blog international is a perfect idea....xmmmm...maybe i will start the same...)

  • johny i want to say something translated in English,but it's a greek common frase:"You don't exist my friend".......excellent!!

    I want to ask u something by the way...: " who get the job done??? "

  • Ε όχι και να σε ξεχάσουμε επειδή έγραψες το πρώτο σου ποστ στα αγγλικά ρε. :-))

    Ωραία η ιστοριούλα πάντως! Μπράβο Γιαννάκη, θα γίνουμε και ιντερνάσιοναλ νάου! Καλή φάση!

  • ρε παιδια, χιλια συγνωμη.. forgive ηθελα να γραψω.. τωρα το διόρθωσα...

  • Μα τί φανταστικό blog είναι ετούτο εδώ??
    Τί έγινε Γιαννιώ, περνάμε και το κοινωνικό μας μήνυμα για τους μετανάστες?
    Είσαι ιντερνάσιοναλ και επίκαιρος!!
    Μπράβο σου που κάνεις τους ανθρώπους να αισθάνονται άνετα και που βοηθάς να τους δημιουργηθούν όμορφες εικόνες...εκείνο το μπάρμπεκιου είμαι σίγουρη ήταν δική σου ιδέα!!!

  • Wow! International uzuburu-buru! I like it!

    I agree with Nikos!
    "You don't exist my friend".


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