Christmas' loneliness...

Yesterday evening, I had nothing to do, so I decided to go for cycling at the south suburbs of Athens. I left home and on my way, I was thinking what I lived all this year, which of my actions were good or bad, with how many people I shared joyful and funny moments and to how many people I made their life more miserable.

As I was evaluating me, myself, my actions, my experiences and this entire staff, I found out that I wasn't alone. All these people that were in their cars, passing close to me, drivers or passengers, each and every of them had a strange sight. It was like they also made their yearly evaluation the same time with me. Men and women, elders and youths, they all were looking through their windows, focusing nowhere, with mystery and loneliness in their sight.

On my way back, the night had come. The road to Athens was almost empty. The houses close to the seaside road were full of lights, with their Christmas tree's decorated and with the lights, sparkling inside and outside of their houses. It was like they come out of a paint!! But still, as I was staring them through their windows, they seem to be miserable and lonely. Some of them were smiling, some others were drinking and talking with their nearby one's, some other were watching on the TV or the amazing view to the Aegean, but still, they were looking so lonely.

I came back home, trying to find an answer to this "bloody why" but I couldn't. After a shower, as I was watching a "Christmas movie" on my pc, I realized that everything in the movie was so opposite from what I lived during that afternoon. Everything was so perfect. Love was all around and there was always somebody to look after those that were feeling lonely and desperate. Everyone found what was looking for.

In the mid-time, I was wondering why this year I had so few phone calls and even less SMS for compliments. As for the mails, I can't complain. They were more than enough. But still, I was thinking that nobody was thinking of me and (as the topic says) I was feeling so lonely(!?).

Finally, I came to a point. It doesn't really matter how many phone calls or SMS we receive, how many e-mails and latter's we get in our mailboxes, or even how many presents we get. The thing that really matters is what we give. What it really matter is not the quantity of the presents-latter's-post cards-SMS-emails that we give/receive but the quality. What it really matter is if we attach to all these, a small piece of our soul...

So, after this, I reconsider everything. Whatever I saw and I felt is not the real object. Now, nothing can change my mood. It seems so clear which are the people that take care of me and which they don't. And even more, now it's more than clear, which are those that I take care and which that I don't...

And something else: It seems that these days, we all feel lonely, up to a level. We all feel that something is missing or something is not complete... So, few things that we should do, are described perfectly by the following songs... Enjoy them!!! (Unfortunately, they both are in Greek...)

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***Try to live your edreams, to rule your fears...***

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