My second attempt...

I just came back. I entered the main door and a weird smell tickled my cold noose. Ms. Riana is cooking again that horrible dish, with fish and onions. Nothing had changed. She made the same plate my last day here. I entered the key in the key-hole. For a moment, I had some doubts to enter or not. I had that strange feeling like that day’s in the lake. I had no choice. Jack was barking so loud that could wake up the neighbors from their nap.

We were starving. I ordered something and I offered him canned food. He was so happy that he didn’t even eat for the first few minutes. He was staring at me. He is great. He is my best friend. I owe him an apology for not taking him with me for my two-day trip. I checked around and everything was clean and clear. He earned a big burger for the day after with his behavior. I went to the sofa and he came in front. He was staring at me with his big brown eyes. After a minute, he crossed his front legs and he lied on the floor.

We were both happy to see each other but in the same time, we were so tired. We passed through a lot the last couple of months. He will never forget the operation he had. “Liver cancer” the doctor said; “I cannot predict how many months it will leave more”. “He, doctor, he will live more…” I tried to correct him. It is really obvious, he is not as active as he use to. He doesn’t want to play games or even to chewing my old football shoes. “Dear god please let him live a couple of weeks more. I promised him that after that business trip, we will go to my village.” I whispered.

I was so tired. I closed my eyes and I felt asleep in a minute. I was so tired that I woke up late at night from the sound of a thunder. It was raining again. I don’t know what I hate more; when it is raining or myself when it is raining. When it rains, I am acting like a rat, trying to avoid walking out and never, never to carry an umbrella. I lighted a cigarette and I went to my desk. I had to finish some things for my job. “Work never ends! Welcome back!!!” was written on the post-it above the pack.

You know how to make me laugh but for sure, you have to practice on timing. You know about Jack and you didn’t even ask about him. Even if I want to be mad on you, when you smile you can change a beast into a lamp. It is really amazing how you can calm me down. You have a great influence on me but it is not the same with Jack. He still cannot forget that you walked over his tail twice during last month.

I took a deep breath and I started. Jack was next to my left leg and was breathing loud and hard. I cannot tell him what is going on. It is better not to know. After an hour I took a break. I lighted another cigarette and I switched on the radio. It was almost eleven. I had to increase my performance because in ten hours, I had to be at work. I tried to focus more but without any great results. He took a deep breath like he could understand my difficult situation.

It is almost twelve and I am checking the last page. The rain is still trying to piss me off but it cannot. I am in my sweet home, with my best friend and nothing can ruin it. I don’t have the strength even to take off my jeans. I went directly to the sofa because it is the closest place I can lie to sleep. I putted away the small pillows and took off my shoes. Then, I asked from Jack to come there. He didn’t even move his head to my direction.

I woke up and I went to his side. When I touched him, he was so cold. I took a blanket from the closet and I covered him. I lied by his side and I took him in my arms. He didn’t want to share a world with me. I bet he was mad because I hadn’t paid much attention till then. I know that tomorrow, he will forgive me. He always does.

I closed my eyes and I slept by his side. In the morning, I woke up late, because he didn’t lick my face. He was still there, in my arms. He didn’t move during the night. What a great dog. He didn’t want to wake me up so he didn’t move all night long. I had to go to work. I went to the bathroom but he didn’t follow me. It was obvious that he was still mad on me for what I did last night.

I went again close to him. He wasn’t breathing. The phone rang and it was you. You asked me why I am late and if I will come. “I will go to my village today. Actually, we have to go to my village today so I have to hurry up. Sorry. I will explain everything when I will come back.” and I told you that I won’t come for few days. I had promised him that we will go there and I always keep my promises, especially to my best friends.

There, he will be free… and I will be with him…

P.S. English is not my mother-tongue language so any corrections are welcome...

> Ksidias Yiannis < > <

***Try to live your edreams, to rule your fears...***

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