Maja in Chios (part 2)

…The days have pasted and her buddy friend had to leave her. He leaved her to live her own adventure in Chios island, with the other bees, the local and the foreign ones. He also leaved her, to live his own adventure in an other country, to live between different people, with different cultures and different thoughts.

But before that leaving, they spent great time in Chios. They went to the south part of Chios, at Pirgi and Mesta villages, at Olympus cave and to some amazing beaches, such us Agia Dinami and Mayra Volia. In that trip, it was also some bees from other countries, such as Alexandra from Serbia and Okan from Turkey. It was also a Greek bee, called Christina, that now is in Alexandria of Egypt, to live her adventure there and have great time.

As I had already told you at part 1, I don't know the end of the story. But I know what I have lived and what I have felt. You see, it's really amazing to live the people's diversity, to live in the same house with an other person from an other country, to spent your time by doing things with persons from so many different places in the world. It's so excited when you don't have to speak to express your thoughts and your feelings, but just to move your hands and taking different expressions on your face. To finally understand that there is no difference if I am from Greece, or from Spain, or from Slovenia, or from any other country. We are all part of the some world, a small piece of that great puzzle, that when you finally fix it, it makes the most amazing thing, the earth.

As an end, I just want to thank you Maja for that great time I had in Chios with you, I want to thank you for the English practice and for letting me live with you and get a first “touch” with your culture. It was really great amazing how call you were all the time and how you reacted at everything that went bad. I really missed that time with you, but I know that I will have an other experience, here in Romania. An experience, that will be a part of my life and I will always remember...

Have fun and please, try always to laugh... :)


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    Such a nice experience :))

    You two will be friends for life FOR SURE!
    Having pretty much similar experiences, I can assure you that...what you lived and all the moments you have been through will stay alive in your hearts and you will talk snf think about this forever.

    I like your way of writing Yiannis! It's implulsive that's why, seems to me a bit controversial :) You write that "...there is no difference if you are from Greece, or from Spain or..." .and then you say "...we are all a small piece of that great puzzle...", but puzzle pieces are all different ;)

    I totally agree with both though, I just wanted to add that. That each part of the puzzle is different and Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey...all the countries make the difference! And the greatest of the differences makes every single person's personality.
    You have your own little greek habits, she had her own cute Slovenian habits, it was such an experience just because you two found the way to match these different attitudes. That's the key, to respect different way of thinking and reacting and you found this key...for a great cohabitation and not only!

    WOW...your story inspired me Wednesday morning!

    I wish you to travel a lot and stay in touch!

    The international uzu buru sounds great to me!!! Ok, from time to time, για να μην ξεχνιόμαστε κιόλας!

    Listen to your advices Johny Traveller... (θα σε έλεγα walker, αλλά μάλλον θα προτιμάς και εσύ το traveller!)
    ...Try always to laugh...
    And keep this for all of us :)

    Καλημέρα σας !!!! (international δεν είναι και αυτό ??? ;) )


  • δεν ξερω τι να πω, τα ειπες ολα...


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