When Yiannis decided to go in Tanzania…(part 4)

I'm again in Dubai, it's my connection flighting destination, but this time, it's for the way back. It's raining outside and it's 6:00 am local time. One more of my adventures, is coming to it's end. This isn't so bad, if you consider that every end, is a beginning of something else. The main difference this time is that I believe that this trip in Tanzania, was the best gift I ever gave to myself.

I promised to my friend Zazu that I 'll write this post in English, but right now, it's so difficult for me to describe my experience in any language. Everything was so unique and so special. From the very first moment I was there, small little problems were coming to my way but I overpassed them all and these small problems, made my trip so great.

The whole story started when I had some money and some time, and I wanted to spent them both. I found the destination, I booked the tickets and after that, I send a mail to my friend if he has some space to his house to host me. I really cannot think what would have happen if he had gave me a negative answer.

Everything was so great to this trip. I lived in a great house with Zazu's parents. They treated me like I their own child. I 'm so grateful to those people because they made me feel like home. Moreover, Zazu made his best to make my stay there, an unforgettable experience.

I would like to start with my first weekend there but it 'll be a big mistake if I don't mention that they send a driver that was speaking Greek to pick me up from the airport. Can you imagine the feeling of going to Africa, after a two days trip and more that nine hours in a couple of planes, trying to sleep in a airport's terminal, facing bureaucracy for your visa and spending more than an hour for that, when everyone took it in ten minutes, and wanting so desperately to see your friend and to feel safe? A came out of the final door, stinking like a trash can, facing a really warm environment with high humidity, full of colored taxi drivers asking me if I wanted a taxi, and instead of facing my friend or his father, I heard somebody looking for me and speaking in Greek.

Everyday there had it's strange part. I cannot forget the day that I brought a huge 15 l. bottle of water caring it on my shoulders and walking in the rain, in a country rood with no asphalt and full of small lakes. Everyone was laughing at me! I cannot forget also the other day, that I was coming again back home, with two big bags full of staff and it was raining so hard that even my underwear was totally wet. That day, I couldn't walk with my flip flops so I took them out and I tried to walk with my bare foot, without any difference. I remember that a guy called me to share a peace of roof. It was less than a square meter and we fitted there seven people. We were squeezed like the sardines in their can.

It 'll sound crazy but during my stay there, I crashed a wedding, a baptist ceremony, an engagement and the best of all, a women bachelor party. I had also the luck to be caught by a Tanzanian soldier and he forced me to ware hand-cops. It was the first time in my life that I was waring hand-cops for not a kinky reason. An other day, in Zanzibar, I was close to go to the court for a taxi driver that cheated us, but here, braiding is the rule, not the exception. These are some of the crazy things that I 've done there the last two weeks.

Coming to the end of my post and the end of my adventure, I wish I had more days to spent there. I also wish, this won't be the last time I 'm visiting Africa and I hope, people to give it a chance and choose to go for vacations in countries that are not so famous. I also hope everyone to take more seriously Africa's problem. Africa is a blessed continent, full of recourses but with the bad luck that foreigners own them and control their market. The people there are happy with their life because they don't have to care for so many things as we do. Those people there have really found the main reason to live, the true meaning of life, and they really enjoy it.

Local market.
Local market.

Baoy Baoy tree.

Road to Bagamoyo.


  • Λυπάμαι που είμαι αναγκασμένος να επανέρχομαι στο ίδιο δυσάρεστο θέμα, αλλά πραγματικά η απορία παραμένει: ΠΟΙΟΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΥΤΟΣ ΠΟΥ ΣΟΥ ΕΔΩΣΕ ΤΟ PROFICIENCY; ΠΟΙΑ ΗΤΑΝ ΤΑ ΒΑΘΥΤΕΡΑ ΑΙΤΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΣ ΤΟΥ ΑΥΤΗΣ; (Έλα πες αλήθεια τώρα, πώς το πήρες;)
    Highlight: "The hole story" (τρύπα στη γεωγραφία, τρύπα και στην ιστορία, Τανζανία μπλουζ!)

    Για τα του ταξιδιού σου τα είπαμε από κοντα.

    Από όλο το ποστ, θα σταθώ σε αυτό κυρίως: Africa is a blessed continent, full of recourses but with the bad luck that foreigners own them and control their market.

    Είναι η ουσία του προβλήματος.

  • το προβλημα ειναι το εξης : ξεκιναω να γραφω και με παρασερνει... χανομαι μεσα στον ειρμο του μυαλου μου και στο τελος, ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙΚΑ, δεν κοιταω ουτε ορθογραφια, ουτε συντακτικο, ουτε τιποτα. ποσο ευκολο ειναι να ξεχασεις ενα γραμμα? εε?

    ξερω, δεν ειναι δικαιολογια, αλλα ειναι η αληθεια...

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