Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I would like to thank you for not bringing me a present last year. I don’t know why you decided that because as far as I remember, I was a good child last year. Maybe you didn’t have time because I had sent you my mail, few hours before Christmas Eve. So, this year I ‘m ready! I‘ll mail my letter almost a month before.

In the beginning, I would like to thank you that although you didn’t brought me a present, you made your best so this year to be the best year of my life, till now. It was a year full of experiences, full of achievements, full of feelings, full of passion and full of moments with unique and special people (as they came to be).

I want to thank you for making me live moments, simply unforgettable, moments that I won’t forget in my life. Thank you for making me meet people so special, people that I shared few of my moments with them, people that make me feel feelings that I had hided them deeply in me. Thank you that my friends, were always nearby me, in the funny and in the sad moments. Thank you that you made our friendship stronger!! I also want to thank you that you keep my family safe and sound, healthy and united. It‘s not so easy to find these characteristics in our days.

For this year, I would like to ask you for few things. Firstly, I would like to ask you not to take any of these that you gave me all these years. It’s true that the last couple of years, although you give me a lot, you are taking also things from me. You took two people that I really loved from my life. So, please, don’t take anyone else.

Secondly, I would like to ask you to get graduated this year because it’s been a long time since I entered the university. I tried my best the last couple of years so, I think I deserve it. It would be a great pleasure not only to me, but also to people that really loves me.

Moreover, I would like to ask you to keep out of trouble, healthy, wealthy, happy, full o feelings and strong moments, full of great once-in-life experiences all my friends. But most of all, I would like to ask you to keep them as my friends!!

For the end, I would like to ask you for few things that I know they are a little bit difficult for you. I would like to ask you the same things that I asked you last year, and the year before and so on. I would like to ask you for peace. Peace in our societies, peace in our world peace in our souls and peace in our minds. I think that peace is the only ideal that has so many dimensions which can affect, effect and reflect in every action of our lives.

So, that‘s all. Thanks in advance and I hope you’ll keep between us what I’ve asked you…

Yours sincerely,

Ksidias Yiannis

> Ksidias Yiannis < > <

***Try to live your edreams, to rule your fears...***


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    Dear Yannis

    For this year, because you were the best boy ever, i was thinking to bring you a red ferrari with 2 hot girls inside. As I can see you don't need it. So...take your peace and tell Stergios that at 24th of December he will find the keys under his pillow!

    With love...Sanda!

  • Dear Santa,

    Now, you grabbed your money (as the Greeks use to say). Stergios will only keep the girls. As far for Ferrari, I m sure he 'll through it away :) :D

    So, maybe you can reconsider your decision and give me the bloody car... :P

  • Thanks a lot Santa!

    I accept the Ferrari and the girls. I will keep the girls and give the car to Yiannis. Then he can drive and I can love in a peaceful world, since Santa accepted to give Yiannis the peace he asked! :-))

    Όλοι τακτοποιημένοι!

  • what a great friend!!

    I can only say that you have great negotiation skills!!

    And something more : I ll try hard to live till the day it's a global peace. I think that even if I live till that day, my skin would be like mummy's skin (if I could breath)...

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