Maja in Chios (Part 3) - The end of that story, the beginning of a new one...

The end of this story had came. Maja is now back in Slovenia. But before her leaving, she gave an end to that small story. She said :

"Internship in Greece was for me an incredible experience. I was very happy that so many people welcomed me with open arms and were willing to help me and support me in any situation. I'm really thankful to everyone, especially to my buddy who was always there for me and who made my first days in Chios just unforgettable. People in library were also very cool and I will never forget the word my supervisor Aristula said the first day I came to work: »Don't worry, now you have a mom here!«And she was really like my mother all the time – when I had health problems, when I needed any kind of advice or just a good company. And I had so much fun with other interns, Okan and Aleksandra, I always smile when I remember our jokes.

I will never forget our trip by boat to Athens, it was a real adventure. We had some troubles because we had tickets with student's discount and when we entered the boat they asked Aleksandra for student's identity card but she didn't have it. So they told her to wait at the reception to fix the thing. But Okan and I were very inpatient and told her: »You don't need to go there Aleksandra, after 5 minutes everyone here will forget that you doesn't have the right ticket.« So we bought coffee, found a free bench and started a conversation about something. When suddenly someone came to me and asked: »Do you know Miss Petkovic?« I looked Aleksandra and she secretly shaked her head like she would like to say me »Don't tell him that I'm the one!« so I answered him »No, I don't know her…« Then he also asked Aleksandra and of course she said »no« too. When he went away we started to laugh but after a while we started to get a bit worried. What will happen if they will find out about our lie? Will they throw us from the boat and drowned us in the sea? =) Weekend in Athens was great because we met other interns who were on exchange in Athens and Thessaloniki so we could share our internship experiences and spent an amusing time together. A lot of them are very interesting people and it was great to hear their life stories but unfortunately one weekend was just too short to know each other very well. On Saturday we spent a great day in Aegina island and in the evening we had a night out with beers at rock of Acropolis where we could enjoy the beautiful view. Next day we met at Monastiraki and took a walk from there to Acropolis which is the most beautiful historical site that I have seen in my life. Then we had a traditional Greek lunch at Thissio and after that we visited the new Acropolis museum. I just can't describe how stunned I was when I saw all those unique sculptures and surviving treasures of Acropolis. Our time in museum was very limited because we had to catch the boat back to Chios at 7.00. We realized that if we will go to the port by tube we will definitely miss the boat, so we took a taxi. The problem was that the driver didn't know English so it was very hard to explain him where we wanted to go and that we were in a hurry. But somehow we managed to catch it so we were very relieved.

The last week of my internship my brother came to visit me and we spent a great time together just relaxing at the beach, swimming and visiting some sights around the island. And it was very convenient for us that we had the same flights back to Slovenia because it is very boring to wait hours and hours alone on the airport. The internship in Greece was an opportunity of a lifetime that has given me a new perspective on life and work. It was a summer full of invaluable experiences, learning countless life lessons and developing amazing friendships. I came home full of beautiful memories, indescribable feelings and with new inspiration which will definitely guide my future..."

I can only wish her, the end of this story, to be the beginning of a new one. And so on... And all these stories, to be part of the great book of your life. I wish you the best!!! I wish you, every of your dreams to become true and to always have this great smile in your face. And one day, who know, we will meet again, in different place or in the same... :)

Have fun and take care of your self... :D

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  • Maya you are a hero! You had Yiannis as buddy!! Great choice by AISEC!!!

    Πλακίτσα, νταξει. Ήταν όντως τυχερή που είχε το Γιάννη για buddy (ή ξερω γω πώς αλλιώς το λέτε εκεί στην AISEC). Αλλά να μην τρώει σουβλάκι αυτή η κοπέλα...;; Τι κατάλαβε από Ελλάδα;

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