What if...

So, what if I am different?
What if the way I order my coffee is different or the way I drink it?
What if the things that make me happy are different or the ones that make me sad?
What if i express love in different way and express my passion?
What if you are different?
And what if every single one of us is different?
What if I 'll tell you that every single one of us is different!
And every single one of us drink their coffee in different way and ordering it too!
And every single one of us feels happy or sad in different ways and with different things!
And love is different; how we feel it, how we express it and how we understand it!
Because it's amazing to be different!
It's amazing not to be a cheap copy of someone else!
It's amazing not to be an image in a mirror!
It's amazing to be you!
So stick with that! Keep being your self, keep being different!
Keep been focused in your dreams, in your ideas, in whatever you believe!
Keep refusing to change when your parents ask you, or your girl, or society, or anyone else!
Because being normal is like being the same, and same is boring...
So next time you'll tell me that I am not normal, that I am different from anyone else, think it twice!
Because maybe, I say maybe, this is who I really want to be!!! This is Me!!

Ksidias Yiannis

Λίστα ιστολογίων

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